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The Balenciaga Town Bag has been around since the first 2000's by Balenciaga's then-creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere (who's now in the helm of Lv after departing Balenciaga a couple of years back). He launched the Balenciaga First (what is known as because it was the very first type of the now famous motorcycle bag line of the trademark) and adopted up using the Balenciaga Town Bag. It Balenciaga Giant Town Replica Bag could appear unbelievable to all of us now but in those days, company top brass ignored the motorcycle bags when Ghesquiere first presented them. Ghesquiere then needed to hand out some free motorcycle bags to models and "It" women for example Kate Moss. These ladies loved their bags, which caused the Balenciaga executives to re-think their impression around the bags' possibility of success. They eventually gave the motorcycle bags the push, and also the relaxation is history.

In early 2000's I had been still attending college coupled with no enterprise considering costly handbags (for me anyway). I'd other focal points and didn't feel I had been financially independent enough to even consider purchasing luxury products. I felt well informed buying luxury products personally after i made executive after a little many years of working, which marked the start of my romance with handbags. A couple of years next I ultimately fell deeply in love with the Balenciaga Town Bag - the colours were divine, the leather was soft to touch, and also the bag am light!

My Balenciaga Town Bag comes from the 2013 Spring/Summer time Balenciaga Giant Town Bag nero collection(it feels strange considering how 2013 was 2 yrs ago only at that point Personally i think like I simply experienced my bag). The colour is known as Mauve (though color purists would most likely protest and say it's not really the colour mauve I can tell where they're originating from, however i still love Balenciaga's "Mauve" from 2013?? ). It's lambskin (Agneau) and never goatskin (Chevre). The Balenciaga Town Bag bags were created of goatskin until 2007 or 2008, then the Balenciaga Town Bag is made from lambskin rather (aside from some special edition and metallic edge Balenciaga Town Bag bags that are Chevre). Most Balenciaga oldies appear to like the Chevre Bals because the leather was thicker, "chewier" and considered stronger. I love both though I guess I'm able to say I slightly prefer Chevre over Agneau - but this isn't to state that I don't like Agneau. I've some Balenciaga bags in Chevre (although not Balenciaga Town Bag) and I have to admit the Chevre does indeed possess a "chewy" quality into it. You have to possess a Chevre Bal to understand all of this talk of "chewy" leather is about. I for just balenciaga giant 12 nickel town bag one didn't have it before that. Anyway - again, I love the Agneau Bals, but somewhat under just how much I love the Chevre ones.

So - returning to my Mauve Bal Balenciaga Town Bag - it had been my first Balenciaga Town Bag and that i really was quite smitten. Continue reading to discover why.